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Qianlong marked vase question.

by Gray

Hi again, I was curious about the age of this piece. Something looks off in the black paint. It has a very slight gasoline shine to it when it catches light. I think it is Qianlong marked, and famille verte style? Please excuse my ignorance if I'm way off. I'm trying to learn!! Thanks again

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carved or molded vase
by: peter

I cannot tell you much about this. Me feeling is that it is not very old, perhaps vintage at the most.
Not sure what you mean with gasoline shine, but if you mean iridescence, then there can be two causes for this. Lead may be present in the glaze or colors, or it was artificially added to make it look older. Some old mineral colors would contain lead, causing iridescence, but with new ones they fake the shine sometimes, to give the impression that older non-chemical pigments were used.

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