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qianlong incised pierced double gourd vase

by mona

Hallo there. Can you help me to put a date on this has a qianlong incised marking in the top gourd part.the vase is a double gourd pierced ceramic or porcelain vase.with an innervase in the bottom part of the written markings on the bottom of the represents squarrels among foliage and is a tall vase. 29"tall,15" diameter. I am much obliged for your kind reply.

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Jan 02, 2011
gourd vase
by: peter

It is highly improbable that this item is from the Qianlong period, or antique.
The orange color and bottom are not right either for that period nor any time in the 19th century. I could only place it in the 20th century.

The foot rim does not look like anything from the Qianlog period either. The same is valid for the unglazed bottom and color smeared over the foot rim. Qianlong quality was much better than that.
It looks more as if it were new or recently made.
This is my personal view, so please ask for a second opinion to make sure.

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