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Posting to this blog -- Rules to observe

by admin

Dear Visitor

In order to keep this blog on track we have to emphasize the following rules for posting on this blog. Non-observation of these few basic rules can get the poster banned.
Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a moderated blog
Posting Rules:

  1. Please do not leave the name field empty. Anonymous posts will not be published. You don't need to leave your full name. (Do not enter contact details in the message body - for protection of your privacy they will be deleted.) Emails entered in the email field are used for automatic confirmations, etc. They are not visible to other visitors.
  2. No abusive or derogatory language, no attacks on other posters, or other.
  3. Post only queries related to antique Chinese or Asian porcelain. Or, queries to ask whether your item IS Chinese antique porcelain. (We allow queries to determine if an item is antique or not!)
  4. You are welcome to comment on other visitors' submissions, but you cannot pretend to be an expert in ceramics or give advice to other visitors if you are a novice in the field of Chinese ceramics. Your "opinion" alone does not make you an expert or give you the right to criticize other's comments.
    You should have been studying ceramics for at least several years before being able to do this. (When referring to another comment, always consider that the other person writing that specific comment could be more experieced than you.)

    As soon as Asian characters (marks) are involved with an item, ask yourself if you can read them, before you comment. Believe it or not, there are more people able to identify Asian marks than you would think; this includes western collectors.

    So please exercise care when wording your comments.
    This blog is about trying to help others, not offending those trying to help.

    Your cooperation is appreciated.
  5. Again, no anonymous posts, please. Any submissions or comments without username will be deleted.

Please note that this is a moderated forum. Moderators are volunteers and it may often take a day or more until a submission is checked, especially on weekends.

Your understanding in the matter is appreciated.

your admin

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