Post No.2 Small Wucai jar

by Andy

Hi again Peter and all! This is the second little item I ask your advice and thoughts on. This time its a small Wucai vase/ jar (approx 4 inches tall) A very sweet little object which I assume may have had a lid but has long since been missing. The colours are fairly usual for this type of ware with Wan (?) symbol decorations. My questions are would you agree that this is late Ming and what would this vessel be used for? I have the task of going through Grandmothers belongings ( including items such as Celadon glazed bowls Wanli Kraak bottles and plates etc) and alas even with some knowledge of Chinese ceramics I am struggling terribly sorting the wheat from the chaff. Thankfully she put stickers on some but all the boxed up items ( obviously not nice enough to make it into her cabinets ) are not. Again thank you for any info you can give me. Regards Andy

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by: peter

Hi Andy,
It is likely Ming, indeed. With that size it is possible that it was used for storing tea leaves or Chinese medicine. (Can't say herbs because Chinese herbal medicine actually contains dried animal and mineral substances too.)

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