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possible Yongzheng plate

by Ryan

I am wondering if this is a Yongzheng plate, because the marks are kind of similar to some that I have seen. Is that the symbol for 'happiness' or another? I look forward to your reply..

Oh.. and that other mid Qing plate I enquired about does have the oblique bottom rim. It is very oblique on the inner side and the outer is a little bit as well.

Thanks for all of your help!!


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by: Ryan

Thanks for your help again Peter. You know, I never knew your site was based in Taiwan. I lived there 6 years ago.. only for 8 months but it was nice. Unfortunately, I didn't collect porcelain then. I will have more photos for you again soon..


You are welcome, Ryan. I wish I could be there... :-)

yongzheng plate
by: peter

Yes, Ryan. Should be right...

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