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Possible chinese pottery?




I am trying to identify two peices that I have inherited. One is a pot with lid in mostly red & white picked out in black and gold detail. One face has like a warrior with a long sword. Height approx 150mm, six sided with width about 100mm. See photos attached.

The other is a another pot with lid, similar colouring, with has what look like monks in plain red or patterned cloaks. Height approx 100mm, width about 80 mm. See photos attached. Any help appreciated.

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Mar 02, 2011
Japanese china
by: peter

This is Japanese. Both the decoration and its colors show it is Japanese, but I do not know the marks.
The decoration near the bottom (right item) is copying a Chinese decoration. That probably means it is fairly old.

I would look for Satsuma or another old kiln. There aren't that many and it should be possibly to find which kiln made them from the color combination, I think.

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