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Possible Annamese Porcelain?

by Leila
(United Kingdom)

Hi Peter,
Could you please help me with this dish? I have done some research on it, and it looks like it could be Annamese pottery. Is this the same thing as Vietnamese? I have gotten mixed reviews. Although it looks Annamese, I have not found anything with decoration quite like mine. The dragon is a very unique design (and I think it may not even be a dragon, but a sea monster?) Also, I am trying to figure out the time period it could have come from. I am thinking at this point, that it is not true hard paste porcelain, because the chip shows unglazed surfaces underneath. Pretty much would just like to know anything you can offer!

Thanks so much!

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Apr 11, 2011
Ming plate
by: peter

Hi Leila,
Thanks for uploading more pictures.
Yes, I do not doubt that this is a Chinese Ming dynasty item.

Apr 11, 2011
Re: decoration
by: Leila

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your answers, it really brings the dish to life! Here is a link to my flickr account, with many close ups. Hope this helps, and thank you!

Apr 10, 2011
by: peter

Hi Leila,
Could you post larger pictures with closeups of rim and bottom? Or post a link to such pictures on the web?
The decoration at the periphery and the bottom may be decisive with this.
Ánnam was once Chinese territory in the area of the northern part of current Vietnam, which was part of the Chinese empire for some time in the Ming dynasty. However, it seems that later Annam referred to an area in today's central Vietnam when using Annam.

The central medallion shows a decoration that is called "the Qilin views the moon" (I have heard people call it "the Rhino views the moon".) So, no dragon at all. This is a typical Ming dynasty decoration. The dishes with the decoration I have here don't have an elaborate rim, though.
I don't know if this decoration exists in Vietnamese porcelain, but it is better to look at the details first.

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