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Porcelain Bowl

by Greg Stollery-Jones
(Noble Park, Vic, AUS)

We have inherited a Chinese Bowl with decorative design inside and out with an interesting mark on the centre of the base. Pictures of the bowl are attached.

It would be of great interest to us if you good identify it's significance or not.

Please upload pictures to the blog.
The decoration and bottom should be clearly visible. Alternatively, you could upload pictures to a site like Photobucket and post the link here.

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Jun 01, 2011
porcelain bowl
by: peter

Thanks for the pictures.
It looks as if the bowl has two different decorations. One with a man in a landscape, in underglaze blue, and possibly with some red lines added at the same time. The other seems to be the flowers inside and on the outside.
The underglaze blue decoration could be Qing dynasty, but the flower decoration looks as if it was added at later time on top of the glaze, possibly in the 20th century.
This sometimes happens when someone adds more decoration to increase the perceived value of a plain item. It is a bit less often seen on items like this one, which already have some older decoration.

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