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please translate to english, porcelain picture

by john
(stalybridge,cheshire , england)

hi, i got given this porcelain picture about 5 years ago by a family member , i think it is chinese but not sure , i was wanting to know what the text says, as someone told me it describes the scene in the picture,the wood the frame is made out (looks to me like walnut) and also the age and history and value of these pictures , as i have never seen one before.

thanks in advance for any information


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Aug 12, 2010
porcelain panel
by: peter

Hello John,
I'm afraid you will have to engage a literyary translator for this, rewriting of literary/poetry rewriting skills will be required to translate this into sensible English. Translating such text is never an easy matter.

Yes, the content accompanies the picture content, it gives also a cyclic date (probably spurious) and the name of the workshop doing the painting. The name is YiTaoXuan.

Without hands-on inspection it is difficult to tell how old it might be, but probably not as old as the cyclic date. In my view this is a 20th century product. It looks too new.
Porcelains with writing were most popular until the early republican period (perhaps 1930), but the written characters from that time or earlier usually shows some fading or scratching.
Generally said, more than 90% of all porcelain paintings/panels I have seen so far were either fakes, replica or new. It is relatively difficult to come by genuine antique ones.

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