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Please Help Me Indentify This Mark

I've tried almost every google search to try and identify this mark. If anyone knows this mark or point me in the right direction for research please let me know.

Thank you,

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Jun 26, 2012
by: Angie

Hi Peter it's beeen almost 2 yrs and still NOTHING lol i've bought books and even googled tons of markings and yet still have no hope in sight. Wanted to thank you for your insight on my item and hoping i can find an answer soon. :-)

Hi Angies,
I still stand by my view that it is likely European Chinoiserie...

Nov 12, 2010
Thank You Peter
by: Angie

WoW i would of never thought of it that way. During my research i have seen tons of articles about europeans trying to imitate the chinese style during the 17th century. Thanks so much for the information and i will continue my search on its history. If you know of any pages that i could look for european markings on please let me know because im still having a hard time trying to find just the right article.

Thanks again,

Nov 12, 2010
follow up
by: peter

I just found an item with this mark by searching on the web for Kaolin Ware.
It definitely is Chinoiserie or imitating Chinoiserie, but is actually European style.

Nov 12, 2010
by: peter

Hi Angie,
This is the strangest mark I have ever seen. It looks like a typical European mark, but with winged Chinese roofs on top, and the word "Chinese".

It could be a modern Chinese imitation of European marks, but it could also be a European mark trying to suggest Chinese origins.
I'm yet to see any Chinese mark using the word "Chinese". Chinese marks usually use China or Made in China...
My guess is that it either is a mark that was used in Chinoiserie (European porcelain with Chinese motifs) or otherwise is a European mark trying to suggest a Chinese origin.
For researching this I would first check European marks, trying to find those that were/are involved in Chinoiserie or Chinese looking designs.

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