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Please help ID marks on Yixing teapots

by Andrea
(Michigan, USA)

I have two yixing teapots. I have added photos of the marks that are on the bottoms. Would really like to know what they say. Thanks for your help! Andrea

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Jul 19, 2010
zisha mark
by: peter

The square mark says "Yixing Zisha" (zisha is the Chinese name for the clay used in Yixing pottery).
The round seal states the name of the producer or potter of the item. Unfortunately, due to it being in archaic characters we cannot identify the first and third characters for sure. These characters are only used for seals now and even Chinese have difficulties reading them as they look quite different from everyday Chinese.

Anyway, I spent an hour searching through Chinese databases of Yixing master potters but still could not find anyone with a fitting name among the hundreds. As the accessible databases are covering only a limited time window of a decade or two, the name could be someone of the earlier or more recent artisans.

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