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Plate 1 (similar to Plate 2 (not photo)

Plate 1 (similar to Plate 2 (not photo)

Hello - I have these four small plates. I bought these in London, the seller claims to have collected them (and other items) from country markets in China around 2000. 3 have a red/brown sealing wax on base. I was told this meant they were not exporting antiques. So my question really relates to "any information welcome" as I lost my record of this as well as other things I collected in London.

Plate 1 17.5cm diam. Mark on back as photographed. This plate similar to Plate 2.

Plate 2 18cm diam. Mark on back not photographed as wax blurs it, and seems same as Plate 1.

Plate 3 14cm diam.Mark on back as photogarphed

Plate 4 14.5cm diam. No back mark

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Aug 24, 2011
by: Wendy

Sorry to be so long saying 'thanks'. Useful information.

Dec 07, 2010
by: peter

The left one has a Jiaqing mark. The one in the middle should also have a similar mark as it would be from about the same time, about first quarter of the 19th century, Jiaqing reign. These are very common, a standard among novice collectors, so to say.
The third one was possibly not made in one of the mainstream kilns, the ring area without glaze inside points to a kiln that used older firing methods. It could be older (perhaps Ming), but is of less quality. Similar designs were also made in the Qing dynasty. However,

Hope this helps.

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