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Pink Coloured Chinese Porcelain - What is it ?

by Jon Sherwood
(Chatham, Kent U.K.)

 Bowl & Spoon

Bowl & Spoon

I have 5 pieces from my mother's estate and have no idea what it is or if it has any value. I intend listing it on Ebay but what do I call it and what do I ask?
All pieces have clear markings on bottom, mostly Chinese characters with 'Made in China'
The Handled Jar has a circle with Chinese characters and the number 5 in it.
The Jar with latticed lid has similar with the number 8 in it.
There is also a very small ginger jar with lid, although there is a small chip on the inside of the lid.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Jun 05, 2011
what is it?
by: peter

Hi, I'm not sure what you want you know, but you anser part of the question yourself. Age-wise it is probably second half of the 20th century. Many of these items are still being traded, but can be vintage at the most. It is likely that they are still being manufactured. These are factory products.

Many of the ancient Chinese glazes did contain lead. Many modern Chinese products contain toxic substances. You probably don't hear of most of those where you live.
Read the warning at the bottom of this page . This is only one of the many things we hear. They often don't care and actually do know that the things they make or sell are toxic.

Jun 05, 2011
Pink coloured Chinese Porcelain
by: Anonymous

I had bought a dinner set of this design during 1980s. They are made in China. We later found out that the dyes used have lead compounds. So we did not use the plates and spoons.

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