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Pair of Chinese Vases

by Simon M
(Poole UK)

Hi,these have been in my family for maybe 75 years - have no marks on the bases - a pair.
I am keen to know some more about them - can anybody help please?

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Amari porcelain
by: stan day

Hi I have amari vases similar to yours, they are not signed, the Japanese very rarely signed their porcelain, if you are interested in selling them, I might be interested in buying them, I love the old amari, unfortunately the Japanese porcelain has gone down in value not like the chinese porcelain that has sky rocketed.

Pair of Chinese Vases
by: Simon

Unfortunately, there are no marks on the bototm of the vases - I wondered if tey may be Japanese rather than Chinese....

by: peter

These seem to be Japanese vases.
Maybe someone else can tell from when. Do they have a mark on the bottom? If yes, please upload it to help identification.

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