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Pair of Chinese Vases

These were left to me from my Grandmother, she always said they were old and worth something but have no idea. Any help with history or value would be greatly received! Thank you so much!

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Aug 12, 2010
Japanese vase
by: peter

I'm afraid I cannot help much which this as it is Japanese porcelain. The mark gives a hint where to continue your search.
The right column of the mark says:
"Great Japan, Mino".
The left column seems to tell who made it, but I cannot transcribe the first two characters, which seem to be a name, possibly that of the potter? The bottom two mean "made".
Anyway, as Mino-Yaki is well known pottery, I would think you search for this first.
You could try if you need help on Japanese items, they are more likely to have someone knowing it.

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