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Pair of Chinese Tea Cups

by Lee

Chinese Tea Cup

Chinese Tea Cup

I Purchased some Items, and with them were this Pair of, what look to be, Chinese Tea Cups.

One unfortunatley has a Crack in it, the other is in Very Good Condition, both have Markings on their Bases.

I have attached only 1 photo of the Cracked Cup, the other Photos are of the Cup in Very Good Condition.

Can anybody please enlighten me with any further infromation about these.

Kind Regards


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Apr 05, 2011
tea cup
by: peter

This is also a fake. Without that bottom I would have thought it just new, but imitating that bottom seems to indicate it was meant to fake old age.

The brown ring was never made on tea bowls, as far as I know. The white color indicates 20th century, the mark is off-center and possibly printed. All points that confirm that it is a fake, I'm afraid.

If you have access to Chinese books, I would recommend to buy a few regarding Ming and Qing porcelains. You will soon learn how to discern the real ones.

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