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Oriental Metal Toad

by Carolyn
(Waldport Oregon)

I just found your blog. What a great idea...I've enjoyed browsing the posts. I recently purchased a number of Asian items at an estate sale. The people traveled to the Orient often. We are trying to figure out what this little toad is. He is pot metal or spelter with a bronze finish. He stands approx 3 inches tall. The pipe or blossom that he is holding has an opening on the blossom or bowl end. Any input will be greatly appreciated.. ideas so far have been incense burner, inkwell and match holder.

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Metal Toad Box
by: Carolyn

Peter...thank you so much for your response...I too thought perhaps Japanese...the couple traveled to Asia many times over a long period of years...any guess as to purpose....inkwell?...incense burner? I really appreciate this venue...hopefully more will add comments...

by: peter

Such a realistic crafted item, and with a lid joint, makes it unlikely to be Chinese. I have no idea what it could be for. Japanese perhaps?

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