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old qing dynasty bowls and plate

by jim collins
(banning ca usa)

i have these old bowls and plate also a dish with lid i think i need help identifing. inside of the lid there is growth that happens only underwater and i think some marking are lingzhi fungi any help would be aprreciated thank you

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Feb 19, 2011
bowls and plate
by: peter

Hi again,
Thanks for providing larger images.
1. The Lingzhi bowl and plate are likely 18th century items.
2. The round box - the bottom/foot does not look Chinese. If it is genuinely old, then it could perhaps be Vietnamese or Thai.
3. Small bowls - the bottom/foot does not look Chinese. Looks old as far as this single picture is concerned.

The reason that I think 2 and 3 are possibly not of Chinese origin is the smooth rounded transition between the outter face of the bowl to the foot rim/bottom. Chinese items are more likely to have a more angular transition, like the one you will see with the Lingzhi bowl. In addition to the above, with 3 the type of rim decoration is unlikly with Chinese ceramics.

Further, the other plate with the diluted decoration isn't looking Chinese either. The question is why is it looking that way? It could be shipwreck porcelain, but it could also be a fake made to look like one. Additional pictures might help.

Feb 18, 2011
chinese porcelain
by: peter

Hi Jim,
If you could provide closeup (partial) pictures of the round lidded box (also the bottom and top) and of the plate which has a diluted decoration, that would help. Bottom pictures would be essential.

We cannot try to identify the two bowls in the foreground with these pictures. If we should look at them, please provide images of these too.
Of the plate and bowl with the lingzhi fungus decoration, if there is a mark, please provide a picture of that. These were made over an extended period and sometimes it is possible to pinpoint the time better.

Due to the size limitations of this blog, it is suggested that you upload high resolution pictures to a site like Photobucket, and then post the link here.
Thank you.

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