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Old celadon censer but with CHINA marked? help please

by Gray

Hi there, I purchased this piece and just had a few questions. Why is it marked china when it looks very very old? Longquan? There is lots of wear and scratches other than the noticeable but could this be turn of the 20th century???? I give up hahaha

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CHINA stamp
by: peter

Anybody can anytime add a stamp on an existing item, but that does not necessarily make the item the same age as the stamped mark.

Your item just confirms the rule to "never judge authenticity of Chinese items by the mark".

Longquan censer
by: George Qhegeous

Hi there, just a short message about CHINA marks, The CHINA mark was used from 1890-1920 on China Export but from 1919 the CHINA was replaced with MADE IN CHINA. This can date a piece but some experts say they have pieces from the 50's with the CHINA mark which I say is a crock and makes you think "the experts ain't always right".

by: Joe

Yes Peter;
You are right, the word "CHINA" was printed last of all. Making your eyes play tricks on you. On Chinese Antiques there has no English written on it.


Longquan censer
by: peter

Hi, nice Longquan censer you have. There is no problem with dating it to Ming Longquan - and it is big too! looks as if it could be over 30cm. From the pictures it appears as if it has no cracks? Many Longquan censers of this size do have one or several, usually.

Just disregard the mark. It looks as if it was applied later. Possibly, it could be scrubbed off, but I wouldn't bother. The "China" was perhaps stamped on later, at a time when the US government required that imports must be marked with the country of origin. That would be approximately from the 1890s to 1920s.

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