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Odd Chinese Pot

by Bob
(Jacksonville N.C.)


First post here! I bought this vase at a local auction due to odd style and quality. I was wondering what this style is called and what era it may have come from.

Thanks for taking the time to look!


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Odd pot
by: Bob

Thank you very much for all the information. The foot looks to have some age to it and the pot does have some cracks also, is there a name to this style of vase? I'll post a few more close ups too.

Thank you again,

by: peter

Hi, the pictures do not show any details, but this looks like a modern creation.
First, the mark looks strange. But disregarding this, this combination of two different decorations is not something traditional Chinese.
The details of the polychrome part are not clear enough, but it seems that it is not a traditional Chinese pattern either, although it might be trying to imitate one.
The shape would be a little odd also, it looks as if the neck was cut off.
Is one of the two decorations overpainting the other? Could one part be painted in a different manner to hide a restoration? Is the foot and foot rim old?
If this was sold as being "antique" then I would think they did not know their stuff. On the other hand, it could be that an old, plain or damaged item was used to create this.

Not a Chinese antique in my view.

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Odd pot close ups

by bob

A couple more close up of a odd Chinese marked pot.

Best regards,

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by: peter

I wouldn't know of any name for that.
BTW, the whirls and lines in the decoration are something that depict certain things and/or follow certain patterns, in traditional Chinese porcelain decorations. Here they don't, they just give an overall impression of going every which way. On the surface they may look similar as Chinese ones but viewing their lines and shapes individually they ar quite different than those. The central decoration with the cross is also something "non-Chinese".
I could not really tell where that was made, but the painter apparently was copying without knowing what.
The mark also doesn't seem to contain Chinese characters. You could try to find in under European marks.

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