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by angie

Dear peter

I have this plat more than 9 years befor know and find this expensive vase .and like you see my plat have same design have this vase .....and like you see i had my plat more than 9 years . pleas can you tell me something about it as some 1 want it and i dnt know what to say to him .

Thank you

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plate or vase?
by: peter

The pictures are not good enough to see the plate clearly. For an evaluation, better ones taken in good lighting would be required.

As to the vase... I would forget it. The real thing would be in the millions. A similar one like this one was auctioned last year, as far as I remember. Since then heaps of fakes are cropping up. I think there are one or two fake ones in this blog somewhere.
If this were the real one, I couldn't help. I cannot help with imperial wares.

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