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Need Porcelain Authentication

by Antonios
(Kalamata, Greece)

Hi there

I own two pairs of porcelain vases of different sizes and i would like to know more details about their origin and value. It would be helpful to provide me with these information. Thank You

With Regards


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Nov 12, 2010
by: peter

The left mark is probably modern (if it is Chinese), not sure if it is Japanese. The characters are written in none of the two or three main styles used in Chinese marks, and they are difficult to read. I can only identify the one on the left.
The second picture's mark identifies the artisan: "Made by Huang ? Ya". Not sure about the second (?) character, as it is a bit abbreviated. The part in the square says "Made in the Qianlong Years", but this is a spurious mark. Marks weren't that way during that period.

The third picture is a Japanese vase. We can't help with Japanese ceramics, I'm afraid.

The picture of the high vase is too small. If you want us to look at that, we suggest to upload high resolution pictures, including a close-up partial view of the decoration and bottom on a picture site like Flickr and post the link here. Unfortunately, our server does not allow posting of very large images.

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