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Need help identying blue and white ginger jar

by Joyce Dickens
(Anderson, CA, USA)

I would appreciate any help you can lend in identifying my blue and white it Chinese or Japanese and would you be able to help with the time line? There are no marks....there is no lid measures approx. 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

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Aug 03, 2010
by: peter

Hello Joyce,
This is not a "Ginger" Jar. Ginger jars don't have a neck or handles, and are mostly shaped like an egg or plum.
Although the subject of the decoration looks Chinese, its proportions and the rest of the decoration are not typical for Chinese porcelain. Could be Japanese, made for the European market, but in this case there is also a good chance that it is European porcelain.
Unfortunately, we have not any information on non-Chinese made porcelain.
What I would suggest is to try to find porcelain items with Chinese decorations on European or Japanese porcelain, specifically Chinoiserie, etc., without manufacturer's marks. Chinese motifs have been used in Europe until at least the 19th century.
Sorry for being unable to help with this.

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