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Need help identifying chinese pottery items... ?

by Jeff
(Austin, texas)

I know nothing about these items other than that I inherited them from a well to do relative. Our local consignment store told me I'd be crazy to sell them there, as they look to be worth something more that decorative value?

I have a terrine type bowl, a small vase, and a vase come lamp... pics attached. Thanks for any information as to identity/value anyone can give.

And if I want to sell them to someone who will appreciate them, what is a good forum for that? Ebay?

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chinese pottery items
by: peter

The tureen would be newer, I think. Antique ones would have an uneven enamel surface, and the gilt that is dull. If I'm right, then this is a later 20th century copy. A picture showing the faces of the people could confirm that.

The left vase looks somewhat like the western style vases made during the Qing dynasty, for export. Here too, more pictures with closeups would be needed, to make sure if it is old or also 20th century.

Second vase with lamp shade. A closeup picture of the people might help verify if it is 20th century or not.

The peacock vase is probably second half of 20th century at the most. It could also be Japanese, and is possibly printed!? Would need closeups and a picture of the bottom to check.

Ebay would probably fine, but you should not sell them as "antiques" or "old" items. Otherwise, you might be branded as a seller of fakes.

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