Need help, Blue and white plate with celadon back

by svenn
(Forest hills New york)


I have a couple of plates, they are blue and white on top and has a celadon back.. Can someone tell me what kind of plates are these and what are they called? Thank you so much

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Thank you
by: svenn

Hello peter,

I took 4 more pictures of these plates next to the window so you can see the true colors... Are these plates Chinese? Did they come from the Ming Dynasty era? Are these plates rare? Because someone told me that maybe some rich family order this specific design on their plates back in the ming dynasty era, can this be possible? I would love to have more information you can share with me about these plates...

Thank you

by: peter

Pictures like these do not allow to see true colors. While it seems that this has a Ming blue and white decoration, the color or hue of the celadon is difficult to see. Pictures should be taken in daylight, near a window to allow for natural colors.

The bottom is essential for evaluation, but B/W plates with celadon underside were actually made in the Ming dynasty.

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