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More marks on Yixing teapots

by Andrea

Teapot with square seal posted earlier

Teapot with square seal posted earlier

Peter, thank you for helping me understand the marks on the Yixing teapots. I am adding a few more photos, including photos of the marks inside the lids. I am not finding many resources on the Internet for Yixing marks. I really appreciate the time you put into trying to identify the marks. You mentioned a database of marks. Do you have a link to a website that I can look at that has marks? I am trying to date the teapots, as well. Thank you so much! Andrea.

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Jul 20, 2010
Yixing teapot marks
by: peter

The one on the left says "Huan Rong", a name. This could be a personal name of a potter as well as a company name.
I can't read the characters of the right one. I will try again later, but with Chinese seals it is the same as with signatures in the west, they aren't necessarily readable.

The only site I know that has some Yixing marks is gotheborg com, but not many.
I think that you should not try to find marks on porcelain-related sites, because those collectors interested in Yixing pots will often be more interested in tea wares (or tea preparation) in general or are specialized in collecting Yixing pottery wares.
PS: did you try asianart com?

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