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Ming Yongle period vase

by Connie
(Washington, USA)

Hello Peter,

This is a small vase from my Grandmother's collection which I have inherited. She did all of her buying in the 1920s and 30s in New York.

Over the years, my parents tried to identify some of the porcelains and ceramics, but the now the job is mine. My Grandmother was an avid buyer of both Oriental porcelains and lace. Either one is a lifetime study.

This particular vase is marked with what looks like writing from the Yongle period according to what I can gather. I'm curious as to whether the object is authentic or a fake or a reproduction. It has been in storage since the early 40s.

I'm so glad that this website is here; it makes research so much easier than poring through poorly illustrated books.

Thank you so much.

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Aug 30, 2010
crackle brush pot
by: peter

Hi Connie,
I wonder why you think it is Yongle? The mark says "Chenghua" as most of this type of crackled wares do.
In my view this is Qing dynasty Fangge crackle ware. I am not sure about its age though. Usually, I would think it is late Qing, because most of those we see are from that period, but some features in the close-up shot make me think it could be earlier.
Anyway, the Chenghua mark does not mean it was made in the Ming dynasty. The majority of Fangge wares have the Chenghua mark or no mark, no matter when they were made in the Qing dynasty.
BTW, this is a brush pot.

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