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"Ming Dynasty" Vase

by jeffrey

my picture

my picture

Hi Peter

Thank you for your comments .

I have taken 2 more pix for further comment on your point of view as eralier 2 pix had caused some light reflection from the cameran .

If the vase is made in early republic as u've commented , please kindly estimate the age the this vase .

Thank you in advance


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May 15, 2011
vase age
by: peter

Hi Jeffrey,
I don't think anyone will give you an exact age. The only I can tell you that if the color of the bottom is naturally that white, then it is probably made with chemical pigments and it cannot be very old, so that makes it more likely that it is from the republican period. Although, if some other age signs are present, it could be a bit earlier. The shape of the foot rim itself would indicate either late Qing or republican period. The chipping at the foot rim is not a sign of age.

If you need more information, it would be better if you ask an experienced collector of monochromes for a hands-on inspection.

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