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Ming dynasty vase need help

by Hanh
(Newark DE)

Hey Peter
I don't really know about this vase can you help me about this vase info
The vase look old and hand painting.very detail with gold decoration around .Is this Ming vase

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by: Hanh

Hey Peter
Thank you very much for your help.Yes I spend so much money for that ,I so upset
thank you again

by: peter

This does not look like anything traditional Chinese at all, neither its shape nor its decoration. To me this is a modern creation.
I would recommend not to listen to what the seller says about the origin of these items. They are all recently made. The bottom was possibly treated to make it appear older than it is to the untrained eye.
It might be better to first learn how Chinese traditional porcelain looks. Hope you didn't spend a lot of money on these.

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