Ming Blue and white Jar

by Melvin

Lion Head Bottom

Hi again Mr. Peter i also like to consult this jar, its been in my home for 15 to 20 years already, bought from an antique shop here in Philippines....Do you think this jar is real Ming Dynasty era? or just a old reproduction? The seller said it was came from royal family in Mindanao.

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by: peter

Hi, I'm afraid this is not any 'reproduction'.
First the decoration itself - in the Ming dynasty western painting influences had not reached China yet, however, this is painting style is clearly a 20th century or later style which looks more western than Chinese. A Chinese motif in a western style does not make it a Chinese antique.
The shape isn't right either, especially the part of the neck.
But the easiest to tell that it is a fake is the mark. Yongle reign marks were written in a completely different manner and character style. Only a handful of items with authentic Yongle marks are known to exist. Basically, this is a very easy to recognize fake made in more recent times. My personal opinion.

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