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minature buddha vase

by annette
(essex uk)

lovely vase part of the chinese collection ,can you tell me ore about it please ,thank you

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Mar 18, 2011
miniature buddha vase
by: annette essex

thank you i thought it was a fake ,as i thought the letters were the wrong way ,also i may have got this mixed up with the chinese items as they were all in the loft .with things my brother dug up ,it could be one of his dug items ,its still a quirky little fake ,and when i sell i will state that it is a fake ,i have had a lot of interest in it ,i have a couple more pieces left will upload over the weekend ,id like to say thank you for all your help so far it has been invaluable for identifying my peices and with what ive learned i can look out for new things ,,annette

Mar 17, 2011
by: peter

Hi Annette,

I think you looked in the wrong place. You used "miniature..." before "buddha vase". The original post was still there.

Anyway, this is an easy to detect fake. Apart from the eyes being painted in 20th century fashion, the mark contains two blunders.

First, normally it should be read top down, right to left, but this one is top down, left to right.
Further, the mark says Daming Xuande. Everyone involved to some degree in Chinese porcelain knows that the "de" character in the mark in antiques is different from the normal Chinese. That is, on all real antiques the character would be written without the horizontal stroke that normal Chinese uses.

Actually, the character meaning "made" is also lacking. Apparently, the faker did not have enough basic knowledge.

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