metal jar

by udi ben

i have a old metal chaina jar
can you help me on it

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Nov 06, 2011
Chinese copy of Middle Eastern ewer
by: Tim

Greetings. Udi Ben,
I believe your "made in China" ewer was manufactured for decorative purposes only as the originals were made in Persia and the Middle East and were brought to ancient China either as trade goods or as tributes for the court.
These metal wares were expensive to produce and their introduction into China influenced Chinese potters to create less costly pottery/porcelain wares based on the metal works.
Blue and white porcelain versions of your particular ewer were made starting from the Yuan dynasty during the Mongol occupation of China.
I can only speak of Chinese ceramics but genuinely marked Xuande wares are rare simply because the reign was in early Ming (1426-1435) and it was short. Most items with a Xuande mark were made either during the Qing dynasty or later or they are fakes.

Nov 03, 2011
metal jar
by: peter

Hi, this is bronze or brass. Cannot tell you how old, metal wares are not my field. The mark says Ming Xuande, but then again, many item use this apocryphal mark, even new ones.

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