marks on my vases

by Courtney
(ferriday, LA, USA)

I am trying to find out if these marks on the bottom of my vases are chinese or japanese. and if anyone recogniges the marks and can tell me what they mean and any information about them. the vases have been in my family for many many years. I would greatly appreciate any information I can get about these vases.


Courtney Wheeler

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by: Courtney

does anyone know where i can take them to be looked at? I live in ferriday, LA. So I would knda like somewhere either in Louisiana or Mississippi. I really appreciate your comments Peter and snap Thank You.

by: Snap

Mark of the 3 characters that would be in column-of-3 if marks 'right side up' (turn right one around 90 degrees clockwise) say not just 'Japan' but 'Dai Nihon' or 'Great Japan', used most typically in Meiji period (1868-1912) and also used up to end of World War II.

But there are imitations of many sorts on market now since some collectors buying Japanese porcelains that period. I can not say that these are pre-war for certain, from your blurry photos the decoration does not look so good quality or right colors.

I also can not read the characters questioned by Peter. Perhaps you can find more information looking for material about 20th-century Arita porcelains and Kyoto versions of them.

by: peter

Hi Courtney,

Your vases are Japanese. Not sure what kiln they are from, though.
The mark (in print) is "大日本 ?山製".
I cannot read the character where the question mark is because the mark is too small.
The first part means Japan, the second "Made by ?", where the question mark can be either the name of the kiln, manufacturer or artisan.
The vases apparently are old, but I cannot tell you how old with Japanese porcelain.

Maybe 'snap' or someone else knows this?

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