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marks on bottom of saucer?

have you seen these marks or know what they mean? there on the bottom of my saucer/plate 1 is of marks and 2nd is a side view of dish.

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Mar 21, 2011
by: peter

Hi again,
I cannot recognize this as any of the three major Far Eastern languages. If this picture would be a mirror image, not what you actually see here, then one of them could be a Chinese character. The other one looks like bird tracks to me... :-)
But anyway, Chinese marks are always in the center.

As Southeast Asia used other writing (Thai), which I do not know, I cannot tell if these are characters from there. There were major ceramics production centers active in Southeast Asia, in the distant past. See This site is more likely to have some of your ceramics as not all seem to be Chinese. I would not rely on the mark for identification. Often such marks had a different purpose from western marks.

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