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Mark on Qian Long Vase

by Heidi
(Ames Iowa)

Several years ago I purchased a vase from a local consignment store that had recently opened near my home. The vase was very bright and colorfully painted with what I recognized as a famile rose pattern. The reason why I went back and purchased the vase after passing it up the first time I went to this shop was because after thinking about it all night and then coming across a web site I had also researched on it, I just had to have the vase-- because this website claimed that if it were a repoduction or recent piece, it would most likely have a line around the 6 character mark, indicating that the piece had been stamped rather than hand signed- hence the line around the mark from the outline of a stamp. Because this vases mark had no line, and also matched the marks identically that I found in my Miller's Antique book, I was sure it was a period made Qing Long piece. So, I submitted a few good pictures of the vase- from all angles, even close up... and they answered my request for identification of the marking and if they thought the piece was old or not... they stated that they thought the piece was late 20th century, probably from the Macoa (sp?) factories. Since then, I have researched several different web sites on the matter, and all have had different thoughts on the markings, authenticities, styles, colors and so on for these porcelains... I'm confused?? How do I once and for all get the true answers to the identification of the vase's mark and it's age? Please help if you can. Thanks!

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Jan 27, 2011
on chinese faked marks and porcelains
by: GoodRock

It is unlikely you can tell without years of experience and an expert to guide ..and even they can be fooled since the Chinese have people work on a piece for up to 5 years at so a low hourly rate they can afford to spend the time to make a good fake that, in this market may bring millions. Best to purchase what you like and can afford and just enjoy it .

Feb 07, 2010
by: admn

Please upload pictures or a link to pictures. You can upload several times, if necessary.

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