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Mark H.H.P. within a wreath

by Chris
(Swindon, UK)

Raised head of a woman.

Raised head of a woman.

I have items from an oriental tea set, probably bought in Malaya in the 1950s and possibly originating from China or Japan. The red mark on the bottom is of a wreath with the letters 'H.' above and 'H.P.'below. On the inside of the bottom of the cups there is a raised head of a woman. Can anyone help me identify the items please?

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Aug 23, 2013
mystery HHP
by: Isabelle-Anna Suter

I have just acquired two teapots with dragons bearing the mark H HP in a junk shop near where I live. They have indeed a distinctive 'made for export' feel and according to the other comments it is likely to have been bought somewhere in the far east in the 50S. Very decorative pieces nevertheless. Any more about the makers ?

Jun 11, 2013
HHP coffee set with dragons on it
by: Cathy

My mother's cousin bought a coffee set with dragons on it, and HHP on the base,as a gift when he came over in 1956 with the Italian Olympic Team. I was just wondering was the value of this set would be.
Many thanks.

Feb 12, 2012
name of art form
by: Anonymous

the placing of an image in porcelain is called lithophane or lithopane, it is made by pressing an image in the wet procelain then glazing and firing. Usually found on japanese moriage dragonware tea sets.,

Nov 23, 2011
HHP within wreath teaset
by: Elma

I have a white tea-sea, with red, green and blue dragons and peacocks and a gilded trim. It has the HHP within a wreath on the bottom but NO ladies head inside. It belongs to my mother who got it in 1952-3 from her brother who returned from Malasia where he served with the forces. At that time he also brought back a green/grey coloures tea-set same marking on bottom but with a ladies head inside.

Oct 22, 2011
H HP inside wreath
by: C. Hayward

I too have a milk jug with this mark, blue ground with raised dragon with very individual gilding paternation. until today I too had veered toward a date of early mid 19th,however a few hours ago, I came across the very same blue ground on a piece with the very same individual gilding - when I checked for the mark I was faced with the late 1950's Japanese - American import mark, I can confirm this is Japanese & was at least being produced in the 1950's although who knows for how long, this was a post war mark essential for western import due to America's strict importation tax laws.
The H HP within wreath mark has a definite western made for export feel to it, maybe it was further anglicising the product for the less rigid European Market, in an attempt to avoid the widespread post war boycotts of Japanese goods.
I too am intrigued

Mar 10, 2011
tea set
by: malcolm

hi i also have a coffee pot .tea pot. milk pot . with three cups and saucers all with wreath and h.h.p .the cups have the ladies head inside the cups i was told they were 1816. and they were chinese.

Hi, I'm pretty sure they are Japanese, and probably 20th century of late 19th. Recently, when I've been looking at some Japanese porcelain manufacters I saw such items. Anyway, The hairstyle of the Japanese ladies are so much different from Chinese that there is no room for error for me. As I am not familiar with Japanese kilns, I suggest you go to They have several forum members specialized in Japanese ceramics. They will be able to tell you what kiln or manufacturer it is from.


Nov 17, 2010
japanese tea service
by: sue

i have this teas service, complete with teapot, milk and sugar pot, 6 cups and saucers and also 6 tea plate. markings HHP inside read wreath. raised ladies head inside each cup. each item has a raised dragon on it. do you have any idea of what this is worth. it was baought by my mother in laws brother around the 1950s, while he was in the british forces.

Oct 13, 2010
HHP within a wreath
by: Alan

I have a tea service with the same mark HHP within a wreath but no head inside the the cups.

Please advise if you have any luck in tracing the origin.

Aug 24, 2010
Japanese porcelain
by: peter

This seems to be Japanese. I can't help much with this, the head definitely is that of a Japanese woman and the hairdo means it is at least vintage.
H.P. in Japanese marks often means hand painted, but I do not know the mark.
I recommend you try, they may have people who know it.

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