Mark date

by Michelle Tolley
(united kingdom)

Can you please tell me the mark date for this dish and other useful information. I can't see anything like them on the internet.

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by: Snap

"Made in China" mark was required for items to be exported to U. S. A. after 1919. Design on yours looks 1950s or later, but probably 1980s or later with decoration of decals.

This was part of a dinnerware set. There are china-replacement services with web sites, where you might possibly find pieces with this design listed.

mark date
by: peter

I'm afraid I cannot tell you the time this mark is from. I don't have any information on marks less than 80 years old, and even then there are too many.
From the characters used for "China" I can tell you, however, that the mark must be 1960 or later.

Anyway, from its appearance this looks 100% like a western decoration and plate shape. Therefore, it was likely made for export sometime after the 60s.

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