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Looking for information about a Japanese mug

by Valerie
(Citrus Heights, CA, USA)

whole mug

whole mug

In 1952, my father was stationed in Tokoyo and he bought me a mug. I have always wondered about the writing on it and the siginificance of the pictures. Someone recently told me that the pictures may be of the Chinese Lucky Gods, but wasn't sure. There is a marking on the bottom of the mug too.

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Dec 12, 2010
Thank you
by: Valerie

Thank you Peter. I wasn't sure if the writing was Japanese or Chinese because the Japanese person I had shown the mug to wasn't able to read it. She thought the figures might be of the Chinese "Lucky Gods". I will check out the asianart site...thank you for suggesting it.

Dec 12, 2010
Japanese mug
by: peter

Hi Valerie,
I am not confident if I can read this handwritten Japanese, although I recognize some of it. Are those figures Japanese deities and the writing some description for each? Not sure...

The mark says Kutani, a well know Japanese kiln.
I would advise to try the forum at
There are people hanging out there who know more about Japanese crafts.

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