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large plate

by Ryan

Hi again.. I am curious about this plate. If it wasn't for the ownership initials and the dirty chipped bottom rim, I would have classified this as new. It seems too glossy.. perhaps it is real but not overly old? I am not sure about the mark as well. I hope you can set me straight on this one.
Thanks you so much as always..


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Qing plate
by: Ryan

Wow, that is cool about the age. It is in seemingly great shape besides the little chips on the bottom rim. I am curious about the ownership initials.. would that affect the value in today's market? To be honest, I don't own this piece yet and may buy it if the price is decent. Although I don't have a clue what this would go for. I would probably be smarter to keep it all the same. Still, I am sure I will get it soon seeing as it is genuine. I know my wife will be angry.. I have to hide my new pieces now!
So, I will check it out tomorrow or the day after and let you know about the rim.

by: peter

This is about mid-Qing dynasty, probably. It depends much on the foot rim. This item was made since the 18th century, possibly since the Yongzheng period. This should be old, I think.
Are both sides of the foot rim straight up (perpendicular to the bottom), or is one or both sides of the rim oblique? If it is one of the latter two, then it is likely 18th century.
Unfortunately, while the rim is very clearly ;visible, the picture was taken from straight above; this does not allow me to see the angle.

BTW, we here mean usually, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing with mid-Qing, but not all mean the same.

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