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Large Heavy Chinese? Vase Unmarked



I am trying to find any information on this vase. I really have no expertise in this area so I am more or less just guessing at this point. I think it is porcelain and dated back to the 17th or 18th century, but I'm not sure. I think its Chinese but any help on that would be helpful as well. There is no mark on it anywhere or any characters. It weighs 6.7 pounds, about 15.5 inches tall, and the diameter of the top is about 5 inches. It has a footed bottom, then goes in, then inflates outward, then becomes skinning at the neck, and opens up again at the top. I believe it is hand painted? With blue in the background and gold etching. There are pictures of dragons and the neck has two gold rings on it. The inside of the pot is gold at the opening, then turns into the same color blue as on the bottom.

Any information would be very very appreciate!!


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Jul 23, 2010
by: peter

This is not a Chinese porcelain vase and possibly not antique.
We recommend you to try asianart com as their forum has members with experience in other Asian arts and crafts too, not only porcelain.

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