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Large Chinese Vase

by Jeff

Just wondering could you give me some information on this large vase. It has a mark on the base but I cannot translate.
Much appreciated,

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Mar 13, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Hi Peter,

Thanks for coming back to me. I have not checked my email in some time. I appreciate the feedback.

Kind regards,


Dec 14, 2010
Chinese vase
by: peter

Hi Jeff,
The pictures give the impression that it is a fake.
This is my personal view, and I suggest you ask for a second opinion.
I explain my view below. My impression is that this vase tries to give the appearance of a Qianlong vase, but I found several problems.

1. First the mark - it looks as if someone scratched off part of the mark lines. The mark looks as if it were enamel. If enamel is fired it should not be possible to scratch it off easily. Could that be that the mark was added after the firing?
Usually, blue period marks were painted under the glaze, not on top.
2. The foot rim could have some age, but is not of the period the vase pretends to be. It looks more like one from the late 19th or 20th century.
3. Quality of work - generally the quality of painting seems to be inferior to that of many porcelain items I have seen. In many places the painting looks quite crude.
4. Colors - the colors appear dull while the should have some gloss. The glaze or enamel should reflect some light, usually. It hardly does here. Looks as if the colors were not fired.
5. Flowers and other details are painted very crude for such a vase. Usually, in the past only wealthy people could afford such items, and the work was usually excellent.
6. In picture ...094-001 at the top, just where the green vine comes out of the blue decoration, the red shows three spots that look as if the paint was peeling off...does it?
I recommend you try pricking them with a needle to see if it does. If so, this alone is proof that the paint was added at a later time. That also means that the vase was not fired at a sufficiently high temperature after painting the decoration. After firing a needle cannot easily penetrate anywhere.

I suggest you get a second opinion.

Dec 07, 2010
Uploaded Pics of Vase
by: Jeff

Hi Peter,
Thanks for coming back to me. I have uploaded the pics to FlickR as requested. Hope I have done it properly. If you have any further queries please let me know.


Kind regards,


Nov 29, 2010
vase and mark
by: peter

The mark says "Qianlong Nianzhi" (made in the Qianlong years). Most of the typical period marks were handwritten in a different character style during that reign.
It is possible that this is an imitation but would require a more closeup view to make sure.
If you wish I can look at detailed pictures. In this case please upload close-up pictures with good resolution and a minimum width of 800 pixel to a site like Flickr or Photobucket and post the link here.
Details of the decoration, bottom, foot rim and inside of top rim would also be needed.

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