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Langyao Hong Vase

Hi peter,

I am interested in learning your opinion on this vase.
Its height is appr. 24 cm. There is no crack structure in the white like in the other langyao hong vase i presented to you, and the appearance of this vase is like new.

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Feb 25, 2011
Langyao vase
by: peter

Hi Ruud,
Could it be a republic period vase?
Although the picture of the bottom is not very clear, its white color indicates a later item. The lighting at the time of photographing plays a role too, of course.
Generally said, the whiter a glaze the later it was made. Snow white color means usually it is republic period, the earlier white is more mellow. Difficult to tell.
Have you compared the white glazed bottom with the white glaze of a confirmed 19th century item, to check if it is whiter than late Qing dynasty porcelain?

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