by hazel
(hampshire uk)

Are these dark brown spots rust spots? There are several smaller brown spots, embedded material on the base and slight pitting on the base. It was given to my mother 30yrs ago by an antique dealer friend, so i know its not new.But could it really be from the guangxu period?

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by: hazel

apparently i have a comment, but i cannot see it?

There is one. You may have clicked to view it too early. Sometimes it takes a quarter of an hour or so until it appears, but the notification email may arrive immediately. Also, you may have to clear the cache of your computer.

by: peter

Hi, yes those are rust spots.
It is difficult to tell whether it is is Guangxu or not as techniques were in a flow and continued to be used even sometimes after. Personally, I would be more comfortable with early republic, judging by the type of color decoration (early 20th century).
Anyway, very nice item.

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