japanese Ginger Jar

by angie

Hello... please can you tell me if this is a ginger jar? or satsuma vase? and would like to know if you can tell me if its old or new please?
The picture of the woman you can see, its on the front and also same picture on the back of the vase/gar. it has no cracks or chips on it, just the kind of crackle on it, not quite sure what it is called? I hope the picture will give you some idea of what it is and possible age it is? Would be grateful any information you could give me?

Kind Regards. Angie

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by: peter

The shape is that of a temple jar.
This is a more recent low-quality fake antique, in my view.
They were trying to incorporate some Japanese elements and artificial crackles to make it look old, but the way the faces are painted gives it away as something recent.
I doubt that the Japanese would paint/export something like this nowadays, and therefore assume it was made in China. The mark is only for decoration.

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