Item #2 Squat Vase/ Jar

by Andy

Hi Peter,
The second item is a what looks like a Provincial heavily potted ( very heavy infact) squat jar/ vase. It appears to have the Shou character repeated around the body and a crude scrolling type pattern around it. It is 5 inches tall and just over 6 inches in diameter. The base is typically unmarked and unglazed. The unusual thing about it is the color, I assume it is intentional that as well as the blue and white/ grey, parts of the design are picked out in a kind of iron red. I have not seen this on anything else ( on this type of provincial type ware) This is quite hard to show in photos but will send you the best. Again it shows the usual signs of wear and is covered in small rust spots. Hopefully you may have seen something like this before?
Thank you. Andy

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Very Interesting
by: Andy

Hi Peter, yes i must admit i thought this one was a bit iffy. As you say it seems to be trying a little too hard thats why i was reluctant to say Ming style shape etc. I havent purchased any of these items so it is of no financial loss to me whatsoever only interesting to have them looked at. My Aunt ( when I think of it) could not have rated this one as she used it to put her wooden spoons, potato masher and the likes in. I think I might do the same now the puzzle is solved! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my third item ( turquoise vase) later when you have time. Till then,thank you for your help. Andy

by: peter

Hi Andy,
No, I have never seen such an item. I would stay away from such items. An abundance of age signs is often suspicious. The blue color itself, and its combination with what seems to be underglaze red is also somewhat strange. But in my view the bottom is a clear indication that it is fake. Unglazed bottoms don't look that way, under normal circumstances. The above characteristics are often used by fakers to give the impression of an aged item.

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