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Is this plate an antique or modern?

by Ryan Corbett
(Ayutthaya, Thailand)

I live half the year in Ayutthaya, Thailand and there are a lot of real antiques and fakes here. I have a small porcelain collection and I would like to get some feedback as to whether this plate or others are real antiques or not. This plate has a lot of brown debris in the glaze on the fish side. I am not sure if that is normal or not. I feel that it may be a fake, but I am not sure. Please help..

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by: Ryan

Okay, I will check for bubbles for sure. I don't have a magnifying glass but I know where to buy one.

I guess with the middle fish.. I can see the blue glaze and feel it a little bit with my finger. Out from the center, the possible virteous layer is thicker and dirtier.

In my last comment I said that the front and back were different color where they met on the edge but that isn't necessarily true. I just saw the porcelain under the glaze in one area which is the tan color.
Thanks for all of your help Peter. I will keep my eyes open for more like this too..

glaze and color
by: peter

If you use a magnifier, does the blue color seem to below below a vitreous layer? Are there any bubbles on top of the blue, that might indicate it is under the glaze. If there are none, the case should be clear.

fish plate
by: Ryan

I felt confused buying this piece too although it was cheap so I wasn't too worried. Now that I looked closely along the edge of the rim, I can see where the tan color bottom meets the whiter colored top. There is a definite color change.

You asked about the fish being painted over the glaze, but no, the blue is under. Although, the glaze is dirty with brown specks in areas and it makes me wonder if it isn't some applied coating?? or it was refired if they can do that.

Thanks.. Ryan

plate style
by: peter

The painting style of the fish is nothing traditional Chinese. And, the blue color isn't right either for an antique, in my view.

This plate shows features that I cannot verify without a hands-on inspection.
Basically, the body looks old. In the pictures it seems that the white glaze on top has less of a shine than the one below? Is the real thing different below and on top? Is the blue painted on top of the glaze? It doesn't look like underglaze blue. Check this. If either is true, then the top was likely painted later on a largely white, old body.

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