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Is this an genuine chinese piece
reverse doesnt have any mark

by Austin

Hi Peter,

the reverse of this porcelain doesnt have any mark can these be a chinese piece.

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reverse doesnt have any mark

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Mar 09, 2011
willow pattern plate
by: peter

Hi, the image resolution is insufficient to see the smaller details. And there is no bottom image.

From this single image I would think it is not Chinese and probably printed.

I'm drawing your attention to the fact that several things are atypical to Chinese handpainted willow patterns:
Swallows too large and in foreground, too detailed.
Boats too detailed.
People on bridge fishing, too detailed.
Buildings too detailed.
Pine tree too simple and gives impression of being printed.
But the most unlikely is the main theme of this type of plate: the willow. Apparently, the painter had little knowledge how a Chinese weeping willow looks like. This does not resemble such a willow in the least.

I assume this is European Chinoiserie.

If you want to know what it is exactly, I would try to ask an international willow motif collector.
There is a website somewhere specialized on the willow pattern from different countries.

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