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Is this a Yuan period dish?

by Chelsea

Hi Peter
I have the opportunity to purchase the dish in the photos. It is being sold as Yuan period. Unfortunately these are the only photos I have What is your opinion please?
Thanks, Chelsea

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Apr 23, 2011
by: peter

I confess that I am not quite sure what this is. I see this type of plate not infrequently and would have the opportunity to buy one myself right now, but am not interested. Possibly it is a type of Zhangzhou ware (Swatow ware), but I would think it to be rather Qing dynasty. Even if it were earlier it could only be late Ming dynasty. As you see, part of the decoration is stamped and this points to a later time.

Personally, I think that this type of plate has little collecting value as it is a common ware. Normally, I would expect items with stamped decoration to be either more recent and of less value.
The notion that it should be Yuan comes perhaps from the blue color, which is dark gray, rather like some Yuan items, but that does not mean it must be Yuan. This color existed also in the late Ming and Qing dynasties.

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