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Is this a Kangxi dragon porcelain vase

by Sally
(New Zealand)

I inherited this vase from my father who got it from his father and not sure of whether it is really a Kangsi or a copied one.

Attached is a photo together with the marking.

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Oct 23, 2013
Qing Dynasty but not Kangxi
by: Anonymous

The answer to your question lies simply in the mark on the base. Your vase does appear to be geniune Qing Dynasty (late 19th c) however there are very clear rules to marks of the Kangxi era. The Emperor expressly forbid his reign mark on most porcelain during his reign (although with some exceptions) You find most marks are the artisme lief, a rabbit and various other symbols, mostly a double ring although they were all copied frequently by later periods. Genuine apocryphal marks for Kangi would have always been all 6 charachters surrounded by a double circle. The 4 charachter mark would have been surrounded by a double square with rounded corners. The 4 charachter mark on your vase is mostly copied during the regin of Guangxu c 1870-1880.

Mar 06, 2011
Is this a Kangxi dragon porcelain vase
by: Anonymous

Sorry the vase is in storage and I am overseas for a year. Perhaps someone can advise me whether this is a typical copied vase commonly seen.

It could be a genuine Qing dynasty vase, but it is necessary to verify that.


Mar 05, 2011
by: peter

The pictures are insufficient to get a good picture of its age.
Closeups and/or high resolution pictures would be needed. And, the pictures should be taken in daylight, to show the real color tones.
You could upload pictures to Photobucket or the like and post links.
Please also post pictures of the inside of the neck. Any blemishes or spots/cracks should be clearly visible.

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