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Information needed on this plate!

by Fuad Ariff
(Terengganu, Malaysia.)

Overall picture

Overall picture

My name is Fuad and I am from Malaysia. My friend brought me a plate that he claimed made from dynasty Ming. The plate is a inheritance item from his great grandmother. I'm not sure what year that plate was made. He wants to sell it to whoever can offer the highest price. Could you check it for me on this? Attached is the photos of the item. the dimension of the plate is 18 2/8" (46.5 centimetre). Thank you.

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Jun 16, 2010
not chinese porcelain
by: erique

hey there,
hope my opinion can help. this is not a chinese porcelain,but japanese as from the motif and the painting, it usualy appears in japanese art/ornament. and i dont even think its an old piece. but definitely not sure either, probably from mid of 20th century.

May 05, 2010
by: peter

Dear Fuad,

Usually, it would be better to require close-up pictures (to identify hand-painted decoration) and a picture of the bottom first.
I will go out of my way in this case. Even from the distance, with this relatively small image it clearly looks like transfer printing.

Transfer printed wares have no collective value and for sure cannot be from the Ming dynasty. Further, even when viewed from the distance this plate looks as if it were not even made during the Qing dynasty.
No antique Chinese wares I have ever seen have such a pattern.

You are welcome to upload close-up pictures if you want to make sure, but my advice is don't buy it.

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